Chapter 1: In Which Ari Starts A Big-Girl Blog

I figured it was about time I started a sensible, grown-up blogging adventure.  I’ve been writing my aimless nonsense across Livejournal to a small audience of long-suffering friends and family for years now, so why not share this joy with the greater world?  As it happens I don’t believe much will change from my usual type of random anecdotal discussions, so by labeling this venture as either “sensible” or “grown up” is perhaps a misconception.  In all honestly I believe the only difference between this blog and my previous musing on the internet is mainly the propriety of a) writing under my (mostly) real name , b) using a respectable site like wordpress to do so, and c) not restricting viewers to my small clique of adoring minions.  Other than that, I’m afraid it’s business as usual.

For those of you who don’t know what you’re getting into – I apologise.

Anyway, this blog will seek to catalog my adventures as a struggling novelist, newly immigrated to Scotland after living transatlantically for six years now (enough is enough!) and unemployed.  I trust there will be the expected amount of drivel, angst, ennui, tragedy, comedy, select odes to inanimate objects, titillating discourse and of course Grand Adventure.  If you don’t know me already, perhaps you’ll come to do so – if you do, well maybe you’ll learn something more.  Or perhaps I’ll actually fall further in your esteem as you realise that my calm, collected exterior harbours strange and uncanny whims that can’t be contained from spilling out across the internet.

But do enjoy it – I intend to.

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