Oh Good I’m Not Being Deported, Gin and The Humble Beginnings of Doctor When

So after a panicked half an hour of thinking I might be getting deported, I’m happy to report this is not the case – huzzah!  I’m drinking gin to celebrate.

In other news, despite telling myself yesterday that I’m not allowed to pack in my current projects and start anything new, well something new happened anyways.  It happened the way all these things happen:  I was doing something completely unremarkable and a thought popped into my head.  Voila!  This seed of an idea began to grow!  Namely, a Doctor When (somewhat of a parody of Doctor Who) arose in my already cluttered brain.

Who is Doctor When?  I give you a snippet:


Doctor When had a Time Machine. In fact, the esteemed Chrononaut was just stepping from said vehicle when a coattail caught on a knob or button or lever of some kind, nearly splaying its wearer across the floor.

‘Damn and blast,’ she swore, for Doctor When was of the bosoms-and-hips side of the gender barrier, ‘this confounded Machine! If it’s not bringing me into the epicentre of some historic doom, it’s trying to kill me in some other, less dramatic, fashion!’

And indeed, the Machine seemed to have a nose, if indeed it had a nose, for Danger Most Great, popping out of the aether of time-space at the most inopportune moments.


I plan to spend the remainder of my evening, as unendangered by deportation as it most thankfully is, sipping gin and considering The Adventurous Time Adventures of Doctor When.  Also probably reading 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea because I finished reading my last literary obsession (the works of a certain Scott Lynch [who my fingers keep wanting to spell Scott Lunch for some reason]) yesterday!

New story ideas, gin, a book to read – a perfect evening, indeed!

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