Jumping Ship

I’m now over 10,000 words behind in NaNoWriMo, how daunting!  I think that what this process has taught me this year is a simple lesson: I am not a non-fiction writer.

In novels when you get stuck, or you find the narrative failing, you can add a new twist and get it all going again.  And often those last-minute twists are the best things that can happen to the narrative, because not only do you surprise the reader but you surprise yourself.  And if you can surprise yourself, as the author, than that makes for very exciting writing and reading!

But in non-fiction you just write what happens.  You can tweak it a bit for better narrative flow, you can gloss over unimportant things, but there’s very little imaginative leeway.  And that’s where I’m having problems.

So for the rest of this slowly-dwindling month I might jump ship on my non-fiction project, which is basically finished anyways, and move on to a 20k fictional short story/novella to add to the 30k I’ve written already.  That way I can complete my 50k goal, or at least attempt to.

I hope to write a lot today, since it’s a miserable rainy Friday.  I don’t even have work until Monday so this can be a power weekend.    I usually have the best wordcount from the first day of a new story anyway, I just have to find something fun in my head to write!

Wish me luck, internet.  I think I might need it.

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