In Which My Mind Decides Things For Me

Where else but the internet can you create a book cover for a novel that hasn’t even been written yet?

It always happens.  My mind never listens to what I tell it to do.

I was all set and ready to write my first literary novel, my exciting new project of awesomeness, but no.  My mind decided I need to be writing a fantasy epic instead…  Yes.  It decided this without my prior consent.

It goes like this.

I’d told myself, no, I wasn’t going to do NaNoWriMo this year.  And yet, there I was on November 1st, only just yesterday, logging in to the website and updating my author details.  Sure, that’s fair enough, maybe I will just ignore it from here on out.  I’m supposed to be writing this literary novel, and I don’t think it’s a good NaNo project especially as I’ve already started it a bit.  Blah, blah, etc.

Cue today.  I had one of my shower epiphanies, where I find myself having the best “eureka” moments when in the shower.  Don’t know why, maybe washing my hair kickstarts my brain or something.  Anyways, the epiphany was to do with how I had been struggling with complexity in one particlar fantasy novel, but if I just combined several separate projects into one, then it might just lead itself to inherent complexity.  I then start to fit together various false-start novels, and thus was born my new epic fantasy novel: Three Kingdoms!

Fair enough, I think to myself, I’ll put that on the back burner while I do this literary thing.  But then, I found myself logging back on to the NaNoWriMo website and filling in the novel info page with Three Kingdom‘s synopsis!  Read it, it’s fairly ridiculous.  Just like the mind that created it!

Oh well, in the end it dusts off three projects of mine that had stalled and were going nowhere, breathing new life into them.  I fully admit to simply copy/pasting what I’d written of each project and creating my first three chapters, which is cheating by NaNoWriMo standards, but oh well, I don’t go into NaNoWriMo to “win” – I go into it to make myself write!  So, to that end, I’m already winning.


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