What Does Adventure Smell Like?

For when you want your armpits to smell like your mental state.

For when you want your armpits to smell adventurous.

Suremen deoderant thinks they know, and now my husband smells like it.  Personally, I’m not convinced – smells more like an escapade than an adventure.  (Though in reality it smells more like generic boy-scent than anything else.  What a shame, I wanted it to be the olfactory representation of swashbuckling and various derrings do.)

In other news, I was recently asked by Ali George, of 12 Books in 12 Months fame, to write a short fairy tale for an anthology to help fund Homespun Theatre UK‘s upcoming tour, produced by her talented sister Bee.  I wrote a short story titled “Once Upon A Time In Dundee” about a girl and a kelpie.  The anthology is now available for purchase and download on Smashwords in a bunch of sensible formats.  You should buy it!  It’s full of magic and awesomeness.

Personally, I think you should first douse yourself in “Adventure” and then read it – just to make it a fully multi-sensory experience!

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