Sometimes it takes only a few minutes to write a chapter, sometimes it takes days.  It’s the fear of screwing up, the worry that everything that comes out of my brain and down through my fingertips is actually a load of bollocks, that makes my progress slow to a gastropodian pace.  And sometimes I get in such a bother over it that I feel like maybe it’s better not to commit myself to writing at all, because my mistakes won’t exist if I never make them.

But I just decided, while I was trying to rock my querulous infant back to sleep at 1am, that I don’t care.  Or that I shouldn’t care, at least.

Once I finish this novel (I WILL finish it, dammit), and if I read it over and it isn’t as brilliant as I hoped it would be (it never will be, nothing on paper is ever as good as the thought it starts out as) then I just put it aside and start another.

Failing to write because of fear of bad writing is worse than writing bad writing.  At least writing badly is progress.

One response to “Fear

  1. Fear is the makings of Writer’s block like it is of Artist’s Block. We cannot judge our work so soon. What is in us should come out. We have to let it come out. It is our duty to do so. The creativity is given to us by nature, some call it God, and we are obligated to share it, somehow. Just do it for good.

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