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The clouds have broken, the sun is shining, and angels are singing, “HELL YEAH, BABY!”  I have had an epiphany.

Or rather, my dearest Mumsy has helped me have it, because she was present to say “hmm” and “yeah” in the right places whilst I moaned and grumbled about my current storyline predicament online last night.

Sometimes that’s all you need!

The problem that was troubling me and making it hard for my character to make a decision (or rather, for me to decide for her) has now been sorted.  Not only do I now have an interesting plot trajectory, but I also have a very interesting backstory to something I never realised needed one!  Oh I love days like this, it makes the months and months of frustration totally worth it.

Now to write this biyatch!

An Epiphany

I’m too tired to make a more topical post, and in fact I’m having a hard enough time as it is writing this one.  Rereading and editing seem like momentous tasks.  But regardless, I wanted to share an epiphany I had during my day today.

Last night I had the most terrible night’s sleep; I didn’t fall asleep until well into the am and then I woke up at 5ish feeling most terribly naseaus.  I managed to get another hour of sleep in there before the alarm went off for volunteering.

I really didn’t want to go.

I still felt terrible, so the idea of gutting dead things and manual labour didn’t at all appeal to me.  So for five minutes I debated it, lying in bed wishing I was sleeping.

But I got up, got dressed, forced down some tea and porridge, and went on my way.  As a result, I actually had the most amazing day.  I overcame some mental blocks I’d had with the birds before, like the fear of injury if I put my hands too close while feeding them.  I got bitten, yes.  But so what?

This is the very core of my life philosophy:  Life is hard.  Life is painful.  You might not enjoy it all the time.  It might be dangerous.  But doing difficult, painful, unenjoyable and dangerous things show you what you’re capable of overcoming.  It might be hard to get started, but you’ll be glad you did it.

So I got bitten by a Bengal Eagle Owl while feeding him.  Whatever.  I now know that being bitten by this owl feels a certain way and, while it was a little painful, I now know that the fear of what it would be like to be bitten was worse than the bite.  And that was an amazing epiphany to have had.  Now I can put myself to the task of feeding the more intimidating birds without being paralysed by the fear of what would happen.

And all because I dragged myself out of bed this morning.

The Writing Process: A Short Ramble

I still haven’t written a word of my Kelpies Prize entry yet, but I’ve been heartened by the fact that last year’s winner wrote her entry in a mere ten days!  So it can be done, and in much less time than I currently have!  Yay!  So this brings me to discuss:  how do I usually approach the writing process?

Normally, I have an epiphany moment such as that which sprung forth Doctor When.  This moment can occur any time, but most reliably happens in the shower.  For this reason, I often have what I term “working showers” in the same tone as others might say “working lunch”.

Seriously.  It’s a thing.

So I have my epiphany, and that’s the seed of whatever new project I’m starting.  It can be a character, a place, a conflict, whatever.  But that’s the driving force which shapes the work.

Now, if I were a more organised soul, which I occasionally attempt to pretend to be, I would then go on to the research and planning stage.  I’m currently attempting to pretend that very thing – which is where I currently find myself.

Normally, however, I go straight from epiphany to the page.  I start writing, fueled by the high that often accompanies these things, and it all goes from there.

However, it’s not uncommon that around the middle of that work, I become overcome by Writer’s Blah, whine on the internet, and become a pain to live with (poor Husband).  This is what I can’t afford to go through with my current project, due to time constraints.  And thus I find myself pretending to be organised, researching and planning, and hoping that all this cleverness will help me avoid that stage.

Likely, it won’t.  But a girl has to try!