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An Ode to an Ode

Some of you may know that sometimes I write Odes to Inanimate Objects. Today, I’m writing an Ode… to an Ode:

An Ode to an Ode

An Ode to an Ode;
A jest to a jest.
Hiding behind word-play
To escape seriousness.

Writing novels is tricky
But Odes are just fun,
So I’d rather write Odes than the
Bazillionth novel I’ve begun.

How can you blame me?
Odes are short and witty.
Novels are long and hard,
Writing them is rarely pretty.

So here I am, writing this
Instead of what I should be.
Hoping that at the end
I’ll at least feel happy

That I’ve written something
At all, instead of watch tv,
Or drink beer in the afternoon
Which is tempting me.

I’ll probably still do these things,
But at least I can say,
To myself if no one else: Hey,
I’ve written a freaking Ode today.