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Superstitious Sheep Socks

There’s something you don’t know about me: I have a very odd superstition about my socks.  It began back in the wintertime, when my feet were so often frozen after a day volunteering with the birds that I began to pay special attention to my sock-layering techique.  Quite practically it all started just to keep my feet extra warm.

But then it went a bit strange.  I started to link the type and colour of socks I wore to the outcome of any particular day.  If my socks were one of my pink cow or sheep socks, it was going to be a very good day.  If I wore either black socks, or heavens forfend the ugly blue-with-brown-spots pair, it was going to suck.  Naturally I started to only wear my pink farmyard animal socks.

I say “naturally” as if it were even remotely normal.

Now, I consider myself a reasonably intelligent woman.  I’d even call myself sensible most of the time.  But as I’m sure you’re all thinking, this is not a sensible or intelligent logical leap to make.

I am Fab-ewe-lous, dammit!

So why did this occur?  Well mainly because life is not ours to control, and we like to pretend it is.  Thus, by telling myself that today will be a good day because I have my hot pink spotty sheep socks on, I can actually believe that choice influences the outcome of the day.  Obviously it has no real, quantifiable effect, but it does affect my perception of the events of the day.  It puts me in the frame of mind to take on challenges which I would shun and quake in fear of if wearing other socks.

In other words, I’ve deluded myself quite soundly.  But if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The Almost-Sock, Drunken Yarn Shopping and (Sober) Chicken-Sitting

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted in a few days, I’ll tell you now:  Socks.

Or rather one sock.

Well, one almost-sock.

This sock:

This will not be another boob coaster incident.

Yes, my friends, after my last yarn-craft disaster I am actually attempting to knit a sock.  Well, two, ultimately.  And so far it’s been going unprecedentedly well, despite my disbelief at this magazine’s claims of “easy” and “quick” in reference to said project.  This has been actually taking up all my time since after Valentine’s Day when I bought the yarn.

Which brings me to another point.  Getting a bit tipsy on a glass of wine at lunch can be delightful.  And going shopping afterward may be a bit dangerous.  But getting tipsy and going yarn shopping?!  Now that’s a recipe for disaster cookies.

I bought 8 balls of yarn.  And this is despite the fact that they didn’t have the yarn I was actually looking for to complete my fuzzy scarf.  I also somehow decided I was ready to knit socks.

Several days later, however, this is surprisingly fabulous.  And I may have had to unravel my very first attempt, and then backtrack a couple of rows when I discovered that the stocking stitch is done completely different in the round – something that this magazine should have been more clear about, I feel, since directed at beginners to sock-knitting – but, regardless, here we are.  A pretty goddamn awesome almost-sock.

And in other news, you can tell you live in the country when you’re asked to chicken-sit.  True story.