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Doctor When? Who’s That?? FINISHED, That’s Who.

Ok, so this will probably not make sense to those of you who haven’t partaken of my insanity for the extent of this blog’s existence.  But I have a short story, named The Adventurous Time Adventures of Doctor When which I have been releasing as a serial time drama.  It’s been some ridiculous number of months since the last portion, so it’s rather belatedly I can announce:

The Adventurous Time Adventures of Doctor When has been finished!  I just wrote the final bit of it tonight, under some duress.  (But really I enjoy duress, since it makes me get shit done!)

But here’s the thing: if I post this final chapter here and now, 90% of you (I’m, perhaps falsely, believing that I’ll get more than a single hit on this post) will have no clue what I’m taking about, or have read TATAoDW so long ago it essentially leads to the same thing – me posting all the bazillion links needed for you to catch up on the story.


I’m too snotty and blech for that nonsense.  Plus it’s late and I want to go to bed.  So what I’ll do instead is, probably tomorrow, make a new page on this blog which holds the whole ridiculous story in its entirety.  Interested parties can catch up/read it all in one place.

And it will have an ENDING – amazing.  You don’t see too many of those, with my stories!  (I think I have 5 completed works EVER – which might sound fairly respectable until you understand that I’ve began probably nearly 100 stories in my life thus far, half of which have not gone beyond a single, disappointing page.)

So tonight I shall bask in the warm feeling of a project completed.  And cough, snot and splutter myself to sleep.

Characters, Colds and Creature Comforts

Currently I’m working on characters and plots for this new project, trying to create a complex dynamic of several interweaving together.  Currently I’ve got 7 – 8 plot lines, mainly following individual characters, plus a handful more secondary characters who will inevitably be involved.  So now I’ve realised I can’t just call it The Falconer’s Apprentice anymore, because the falconer’s apprentice and his story is only one of the many plots!

Oh well, at some point I’ll invent a new working title, but I’ll stick to this one until then!

In other news, I’m currently battling a cold.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m ill I get obsessed over a couple specific things.

Thing #1 – Jumpers.  Seriously.  Every store I go into when I’m feeling ill and coughing and snotty, I have this need to buy warm jumpers.  Even though I already own a good half dozen such items.  It’s as if I’m thinking that just the right jumper would mean I’ll never be cold or ill again.  This is a false premise.

Thing #2 – Tea.  Oh tea, you are amazing.  I drink so much tea in an attempt to warm up my insides, as if it could drown the evil germs.  Die, you bastards.

Thing #3 – Soup.   Soup is an amazing food, because it’s warm and liquidy like tea, only it has all the calorific and nutritional content of real food.  Amazing.  So amazing, I’ve sent the Husband out to get me some.  Maybe he can get me a new jumper while he’s out.

I’ve also found a new thing to be obsessed over, though, thanks to our new house: FIRE.  And I don’t mean in a pyromaniacal fashion, not really (wuahaha).  We have a wood burning stove here, which goes at least some ways toward making up for not having either central heating or double glazing (it’s cold in here, needless to say).  Being warm is a thing of the distant summer, so sitting next to a roaring fire is bliss.

Especially when in a jumper, sipping tea and eating soup.