100 Word Story – A Competition and Challenge

There’s this competition that the Reader’s Digest is doing for a 100 word story, closing on January 31st, which I intend to enter.  The first prize is a cheque for £5000, and we are living the poverty line – it would be a Christmahannukwanzayuletide miracle.

The problem with things like this, obviously, is that even if you write the best goddamn story you’ve ever written, and boiled it down to 100 words, there’s still absolutely no promises that the Reader’s Digest judges will agree.  So basically it’s a crapshoot.  As with most things in life.

So I have no idea what to write.  I had an idea when I first heard about this competition a month ago and wrote some 100-word drivel.  It was lame, so I deleted it and was back to square one.  Then I forgot about it for a while.

But then I was reminded of it by reading Neil Gaiman’s post recently about a 100 word story he wrote and am back to the task with renewed purpose, taking that as inspiration.  His story works perfectly in its 100 word brevity, has an immediate concept that doesn’t need lengthy explanation, is pithy and to the point.

So yeah, I need to do that.

Anyway, I encourage any and all to enter this competition, though it’s only open to UK residents, and see what can be done with a limit of 100 words (including title!).  If you don’t live in the UK and still want to do it, feel free to post your best 100 word stories in the comments to be admired and judged by all and sundry across the Grand Interweb!

Let’s kick the ass of these 100 words!

One response to “100 Word Story – A Competition and Challenge

  1. All the advice I’ve read of late says, perhaps in a patronising manner, to research your target audience to buggery. So, like, who reads Reader’s Digest? My gran used to, sometimes… don’t include any sex, drugs, rock and/or roll. And good luck!

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