The Writing Process: A Short Ramble

I still haven’t written a word of my Kelpies Prize entry yet, but I’ve been heartened by the fact that last year’s winner wrote her entry in a mere ten days!  So it can be done, and in much less time than I currently have!  Yay!  So this brings me to discuss:  how do I usually approach the writing process?

Normally, I have an epiphany moment such as that which sprung forth Doctor When.  This moment can occur any time, but most reliably happens in the shower.  For this reason, I often have what I term “working showers” in the same tone as others might say “working lunch”.

Seriously.  It’s a thing.

So I have my epiphany, and that’s the seed of whatever new project I’m starting.  It can be a character, a place, a conflict, whatever.  But that’s the driving force which shapes the work.

Now, if I were a more organised soul, which I occasionally attempt to pretend to be, I would then go on to the research and planning stage.  I’m currently attempting to pretend that very thing – which is where I currently find myself.

Normally, however, I go straight from epiphany to the page.  I start writing, fueled by the high that often accompanies these things, and it all goes from there.

However, it’s not uncommon that around the middle of that work, I become overcome by Writer’s Blah, whine on the internet, and become a pain to live with (poor Husband).  This is what I can’t afford to go through with my current project, due to time constraints.  And thus I find myself pretending to be organised, researching and planning, and hoping that all this cleverness will help me avoid that stage.

Likely, it won’t.  But a girl has to try!

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